Ashley Wheeler - The Be Healthy, Be Happy Coach; Certified health & fitness coach

Ashley Wheeler (The Be Healthy, Be Happy Coach) - *Certified health and fitness coach, PiYo LIVE instructor, B.e.d in Education, Beachbody coach.



  • Nutrition Coach
  • Fitness Coach (Personal Training & Group)
  • Health Coach
  • 5 Épices Cooking Workshops


For those who don't know me I am an Elementary School Teacher, Mom and Holistic Health Coach my mission is to create my health & happiness and help others do the same. I specialize in helping people determine the first steps of action to get unstuck and start living the life they want and deserve.
As we know, all spheres of our lives are intertwined. Being unbalanced or unhappy in one sphere of your life will inevitably affect another. This is why I take a holistic approach to health and happiness. Together we can look at each sphere of your life and determine  what is holding you back from your goals.
Maybe you are unhappy in your workplace and this is causing you to hold on to weight?

Maybe family life has you feeling like you have lost yourself a little and you just don't quite feel happy?

Together we will dig deep to uncover what is holding you back and determine what the next steps are.


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