Back To Basics!

When you purchase quality natural creations from Les Soins Au Naturel in Quebec, you are not only receiving amazing natural beauty products made from the best ingredients, you are also supporting Nancy Pinsince, her passion and the environment. Get to know Nancy a little better and her inspiring story about getting back to basics!


Native of Fitch Bay, a small village in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, I grew up on a self-sufficient farmhouse where my parents brought me into the woods from an early age to teach me what nature and the earth had to offer us. Several years have passed and the need to be in contact with nature was always present, even more and more!

My job didn't allow me to be there as often as I wanted. I have spent the last 20 years working in the public, more than 15 years in personnel management, business management, going from challenge to challenge and managing the pressure of performance. Until my body gave me warning signals. I didn't have time to listen to them, I was too busy performing!

I continued despite everything but one day, I hit the wall of my ambitions; professionally exhausted, burned out, total anxiety attacks! As an independant woman and leader who thrived on the public and on performance, I found myself alone at home unable to go out, drive my car or be in public because of my anxiety attacks. I had to depend on others for my daily life. My body had reached its limits or had even exceeded them. I could no longer be in contact with anyone.

During the whole year that my convalescence lasted, I had to do some analytical work on myself, I was going to relax in nature, my haven of peace! Self questioning was necessary; I could not pick up where I had left off.

Being entrepreneurial, I was looking for a way to combine my love for management, my passion for nature, plants and photography, without falling back into the performance trap at a hellish pace.

During this year I increased the production of my zero waste products, I gave them as gifts and people appreciated my products. A few people have suggested that I market them. The entrepreneur in me simmered all of this and finally I embarked on this great adventure of eco-responsible products.

LES SOINS AU NATURELS for me is returning to basics. Cultivating certain ingredients essential to the production of my products, taking care of the planet by offering eco-responsible products, while contributing to the local economy. Welcome to my world !



Magog, Quebec Canada