Honey & Olive Oil Natural Soap - Honey or Lavender & Rosemary - 60g - Les Soins Au Natural

Style: Lavender and rosemary
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Honey & Olive Oil Natural Soap - Natural Care  Lavender + Rosamary or Honey and Olive Oil Scent 60g 

Fancy a little softness to take care of your skin? We've got you what you need!


The softness of olive oil is ideal for sensitive, irritated or dry skin. Its combination with honey, retains moisture and leaves your skin fresh and supple 💕


  • Honey and olive oil
  • Lavande and rosemary

+ Why not complete your treatment with a handmade mesh soap pouch with natural fibers. In addition to exfoliate your skin, this pouch will save your soap! Sold seperatley.

Format : Soap Bar -  60g

Natural ingredients: M Marseille soap, extra virgin olive oil, pure and natural honey, organic beeswax, essential oil

 Formulated by Les Soins Au Natural in Quebec, Canada

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