Moisturizing Lavander or Rosemary Shaving Cream Soap - 100% Natural - Les Soins Au Naturel - 125ml

Style: Lavender
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Thanks to aloe vera, this product nourishes the skin and helps prevent signs of tenderness such as itching and irritation. Its formula is very gentle and can also be applied to the most sensitive skin. In addition, this natural soap contains other ingredients that nourish, moisturize, and soften the skin.  

Ladies your legs will thank you ♥️

Gentlemen, for a ready shave, a soft and hydrated skin you will love this soap.

Soft and hydrated all day while you conquer the world ❣

Ingredients:  glycerin, Aloe vera gel, honey, olive oil


. Essential oil and lavender
. Rosemary essential oil

 Lather with a shaving badger

125 ml format in a reusable glass jar

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